Masterson Sta-Wet Painter's Pal® & POSH® Glass Palette 9"x12" Set

POSH Glass 9"x12" palettes are designed to fit inside the Masterson Sta-Wet Painter's Pal for ease of transportation, storage and paint preservation.  Which tempered glass palette would you like to pair with your Sta-Wet Painter's Pal?  Choose grey, white or clear.  To learn more about POSH Glass click here.

Save paint, time and money using the Masterson Sta-Wet Painter's Pal®. This airtight container safely holds any type of paint palette between sessions.  For oil or acrylic paints, place your favorite POSH palette into the tray and snap on the lid. Your paints will stay fresh for many days when they're sealed in the airtight Masterson Sta-Wet Painter's Pal®.  Dimensions: 13” x 12” x 1.5" | Palette Size: 9" x 12"

Proper Care (POSH Glass) : Always use a fresh razor blade when cleaning. Steel tools have burrs that can cause scratches on any glass product. Use a plastic razor and solvent to avoid scratching. Use knife, scraper, or sharp objects with caution.

POSH Glass Palette 9"x12"
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