Masterson® Sta-New Brush Holder

The Masterson Sta-New Brush Holder will organize, dry, and keep your brushes in like-new shape!

The unique design holds your brushes with the bristles facing down, which will extend the life of your brushes. An array of brush handle thicknesses can be held firmly using 3 sizes of pliable rubber grasps. The bottom tray is meant to collect any drips that fall from your brush bristles when drying. Alternatively, the trays can be used to store supplies.

In addition to helping keep your brushes separated and arranged neatly, The Sta-New Brush Holder can easily mount to an easel, studio table, wall, etc. with the supplied Velcro tabs. For stronger mounting, you have the option of anchoring the brush holder through the inlets on the top of the brush holder with anchors and screws (anchors and screws not included).

Quality Over Quantity