CCS Linseed Oil Pale Cold-Pressed™

Linseed oil historically is the most common drying oil used in painting. It dries fast and creates the strongest flexible surface.

Cold-pressed oils are obtained by pressing and grinding seeds in a stone or metal press. This historical extraction technique yields less oil than using heat or chemical methods, traditionally it was preferred in order to have a purer oil.

CCS Linseed Oil Pale Cold-Pressed™ is extracted using the more costly, time-tested method of cold-pressing oils. This method follows historic precedent by using the most natural oil and extraction processes. CCS does not use high-heat extracted oils.

High-heat and chemically extracted oils have many more impurities than cold-pressed oils, and may alter the oil’s natural properties.

Raw cold-pressed oils have a dark yellow-orange color that can affect paint color. Most art material companies either sell the uncleaned raw cold-pressed oil, or use harsh chemical cleaning and bleaching processes to make the oils lighter in color.

CCS Linseed Oil Pale Cold-Pressed™ is washed and cleaned using natural processes documented since the Renaissance.

Available in 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz glass bottles.

Quality Over Quantity