Academian Confidant®

The Academian Confidant® palette provides a unique design that is adaptive to many styles of painting. This Confidant is an exceptional choice for artists who prefer a smaller artist palette, are working with limited colors, or are performing finishing or detail work. Also excellent for those artists who prepare their palette with strings (prepared palette). Additional features include a smaller paint surface that will allow you to work extremely close to your canvas, an open grasping area allowing for plenty of room to hold brushes or a mahlstick, and a lower quadrant that can be used for additional mixing, or to hold your medium palette cup and/or paint cloth.

All maple wood palettes are handcrafted in Pennsylvania, USA.  From design, to wood selection, sanding, branding and finishing; we focus on the details during each step of the process.  

Material:  Hard white maple wood provides you with delicate grain lines that will not distract you while mixing paint.  In addition, the material is extremely light weight.

Patented Design:   The 3 point design provides a universal fit for all body types while keeping your wrist straight, and distributing the palette weight between the hand, rear forearm, and torso.   This ensures maximum balance and comfort, and significantly reduces stress on muscles and tendons in the hand, wrist, arm and shoulder.

Finish:  The palettes are stained, then finished with a non-porous proprietary satin formulation that is dense, and resistant to water as well as standard artist solvents and mediums.  In addition, the finish is crack proof, chip proof, non-yellowing, and freezer safe.  Oil paints can be easily cleaned with artist solvents.  Detailed cleaning instructions are provided with every product.

Size: 19"x17.5"x0.19"  Weight: 1 lbs

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