Our philosophy is simple. You strive for perfection in your art; therefore, we too should strive for perfection in the products we offer you. We are continually trying to improve existing products and new offerings, but cannot do so without your feedback.

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Everett Raymond Kinstler, N.A.


“I have been using the Grand View Confidant and Expressionist palettes painting both in my studio and out of doors.  As I prefer to hold my palette, I find both styles very functional and appealing.  The shapes offer me good mixing areas, and the weight and balance are perfect for my needs."


Daniel Greene


“I have begun using these terrific lightweight palettes after many years of using a large heavy palette that I kept on a table while painting.  These brilliantly designed hand-held palettes now allow me to move more easily while painting and enable closer matching and comparison of color to my subject.  I also love using the grey middle-tone disposable palettes [New Wave Grey Pad] that now eliminate the need for cleaning and can be easily placed in a refrigerator overnight to keep some colors fresh."  


Juliette Aristides


"I started working with a new midsize New Wave Artist Palette a few months ago [Grand View Confidant].  It was so gorgeous when it arrived that I hesitated to use it.  I got a lot of complements on its shape and finish.  I am a messy painter so it couldn't stay that way for long!  This palette is so comfortable I have switched over and now use it all the time.  Thank you New Wave Art for creating such a lightweight, beautiful palette."


George Gallo


"I cannot tell you how much I love the New Wave palette.  Most wood palettes are junk.  They're uncomfortable to hold and impossible to clean properly.  The New Wave palette is a work of art in itself.  It's not only beautiful to look at, it's incredibly comfortable to hold.  I paint in plein air and holding a large palette for hours can be grueling.  Because of its unique design this palette rests gently against your body and is therefore a joy to work with.  Lastly, it cleans up very easily.  Just a few wipes with a paper towel and you're done.  I recommend this palette to every artist.  It's worth every penny."


Alexey Steele


"...best I've seen in a long time... ridiculously well balanced and beautifully finished... so glad someone's doing it right."


T. Allen Lawson


"For the past twenty-seven years, I have painted with an arm palette -- the same singular palette.  Needless to say, I was quite comfortable with that palette.  However, New Wave Palettes are so well designed, so beautifully crafted, and so perfectly balanced that within a single week of trying my New Wave Palette, I totally and completely switched.  Compared to my old palette, my New Wave Palette has a larger mixing area and is a fraction of the weight allowing me to work longer with less fatigue.  I highly recommend the latest line of these beautiful New Wave Palettes."


Igor V. Babailov, Hon. RAA


"The Grand View New Wave Artist Palette is simply outstanding - light weight, yet sturdy, it is very comfortable to hold and a real pleasure to work with. I am glad to have this valuable addition in my studio."


Terry Moeller

Painter & Professor, Savannah College of Art & Design


"I used your grey disposable palette [Grey Pad] this weekend in my studio.  It has just the right amount of value, not too white or too grey."  


Chris Saper


"I've been using hand held palettes for years and since I received my Academian Confidant New Wave Artist Palette, I've enjoyed using it every day.  The size and shape are perfect for my frame, and it fits me like a glove.  Since I paint for five or six hours per day comfort is my primary requirement, and a great deal of comfort has to do with the weight and balance of the palette, both of which I find excellent."                                                                             


Ryan S. Brown 


"I love my New Wave artist palette.  I have been using hand held palettes for over ten years and I have never found one as useful or as comfortable as New Wave's Grand View Palette.  It does nearly everything I want it to.  It has all the space I need, and has the most comfortable fit for hours of painting."    


Ellen Cooper

1st Place & People's Choice, Portrait Society of America International Competition 2011


"Having only used a tabletop palette for years, I was reluctant to try a hand-held palette.  In addition, I was concerned that my shoulder and arm would become tired or sore holding the palette.  However, once I tried a New Wave Artist Palette I could see the huge advantage of having my paint colors in front of me, and in front of my subject and canvas.  Using the palette makes it easier to mix accurate color and to get the right values, while the size and design accommodates the way I like to lay out my colors and mixes.  The soreness I was concerned about is a non-issue.  I can now paint for seven or eight hours straight without realizing that I had been holding a palette.  The design is ingenious, there is nothing I would opt to change - I have no muscle fatigue, and the palette rests comfortably against my body.  The smooth finish is very easy to clean, and is holding up well.  Now that I have been using a New Wave Artist Palette, there is no way I'm going back to the table top palette.  It is no wonder the masters used hand-held palettes."                                                                                  


Alexandra Tyng


"The Highland palette is wonderful!  It surpasses all my expectations.  Very importantly, it exactly fits into the Kelty backpack that I use for plein air painting and portrait sketches.  The finish is beautiful and durable, it is so lightweight I am hardly aware that I'm holding it.  Being rectangular it gives me the maximum amount of mixing space within the possible dimensions, yet it does not feel awkward, because it conforms to my hand and body through subtle contouring of the edges.  It is everything I had envisioned and more."  


Neilson Carlin

Founder, Studio Rilievo


"New Wave Artist Palettes provide unique designs that feel as a palette should, like an extension of your arm.  I work with a prepared palette which requires ample surface area to organize tints.  The designs are the only in the marketplace allowing for efficient, proper color organization."

John Murdoch

Founder, Gold Light Studios

www.goldlightstudios.com / www.murdochart.com / www.livingclassicalart.com

"New Wave Artist Palettes have solved all the problems of traditional palettes.  At Gold Light Studios we work with the site-size technique, which requires constant movement on the part of the artist.  For a long time I could not recommend a palette that had qualities sufficient for me to stand behind, now I can.  The palettes allow for ease-of-use while standing, are easy on the eyes, and are very comfortable to work with.  Formerly, [traditional] palettes were cumbersome and caused a great deal of muscle strain, especially during long painting sessions.  This is literally a true innovation in hand-held artist palettes, which have not changed for centuries."                                                 


Duane Eells


"I customarily use a glass palette, but felt the need for a hand-held palette. I absolutely love it. It is comfortable and fits like a glove."


Jill A. Rupinski

Painter & Associate Professor, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

"New Wave Artist Palettes renew the experience of using a hand-held palette.  I have worked with a wood palette for decades, but I found New Wave Art's design to significantly increase my level of comfort.  The balance point is intelligently placed, lessening physical stress on my hand and wrist.  In addition, the art palette is lighter than my traditional wood palette, and the shape conforms perfectly to my body to assist in its handling.  Functionally, the finish has the proper amount of tension to hold the paint, and to allow for fluid brush mixing."


Adriana Guidi

"The Expressionist Confidant is gorgeous!  I didn't want to use it at first... it was almost too pretty, but I did and still am - I love it!  Durable, easy to clean, and so comfortable!  There is plenty of space for my colors.  It is great to know they are made with quality materials right here in the U.S.! 


Santiago Perez


"I am totally in love with my new palette.  I have already noticed an improvement in color matching for my portraits, an area I was seriously struggling with using a table top palette.  You make a fine product that is much more durable than I thought [prior to receiving].  I will highly recommend your palettes."                                                                                                                                                       

Katherine Bailey


"As a large scale oil painter, I am naturally drawn to a palette that is comfortable, functional, and rational to my preferred canvas size.  I love using the larger palettes, as they provide the surface area and lightweight design I need to spontaneously mix and match paint colors for hours without distracting me from my expressions.  The 3 point design allows for perfect balance, while the hand sanded thumb and grasping area fits like a well-worn leather glove.  These palettes feel like they were custom made just for me."                                                        


Julia Rooney


"My new palette arrived and I love it... One thing I especially appreciate is that I didn't have to take a dremel tool to the thumb hole... I'm in the middle of a portrait commission, so I was delighted when I took it out of the box and was able to use it right off with no tweaking at all.  I've never had a palette before that I didn't have to shape to fit, but this one was comfortable right from the start.  This is partly because the weight is balanced, but also because of the size and shape of the hole."