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Experience the Benefits of New Wave Artist Palettes:

1.  Improved Color and Value Gauging: 
Holding your color palette in the same light as your canvas makes it much easier to achieve the proper values and colors, and, in turn, paint more effectively.

2.  Increased Mobility:  Take your palette where you need it, when you need it.  Mobility is key for certain painting methods, or when painting larger pieces.   

3.  Strengthened Focus: 
No more distraction reaching towards a color palette outside the spacial relationship of your subject and your painting.  Now, your color palette, your subject and your painting are all in front of you.  



Comfort, Quality & Functionality is Essential



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Palettes of the Past Present Distinct Problems

-  Uncomfortable designs cause muscle fatigue and pain in the thumb, hand, wrist, arm and  shoulder  
-  Heavy or awkward to hold  
-  Poor quality

-  Unfinished wood, requiring the artist to finish the palette



New Wave Artist Palettes Present Distinct Solutions


-  Patent pending 3 point design distributes the weight between the hand, rear forearm, and torso providing maximum balance and comfort.  This significantly reduces stress on muscles and tendons in the hand, wrist, arm and shoulder.
-  Universal fit for all body types  
-  Hand sanded edges and thumb hole

-  Extremely lightweight


-  Handcrafted in Pennsylvania, USA
-  Durable satin finish resistant to water, and standard artist solvents (turpentine, mineral spirits, etc.) & mediums 
-  Easily cleaned using a standard solvent*

-  Crack and chip proof

-  Freezer Safe
-  Non-yellowing  
-  Smooth to the touch


-  Variety of designs for all technical methods of painting
-  Made with hard white maple: delicate grain lines that will not distract the artist while mixing  
-  Available for right handed and left handed artists





PDF: New Wave Artist Palettes
PDF: How to Properly Care for Your Unfinished New Wave Artist Palette
PDF: How to Properly Care for Your Finished New Wave Artist Palette


*Please review ‘Caring for Your New Wave Artist Palette’ to learn about our recommended methods for applying paint and recommended materials for cleaning your artist palette.